Simple Winter Strategies for Family Well-being

baby in bed with knit cap on and yawning. tucked in with bear.

Motherhood is messy and overfull all by itself. Often, this season pulls families in many competing directions. It is easy to lose our balance as the days grow shorter and the weather is chilly and wet. Much of our work during this time of year focuses on simplifying our daily routines and creating seasonal rituals…

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Simple Strategies for Life’s Stressful Situations

Self Regulating for Parents (1)

For years, I was that parent who disembarked the airplane, three kids in tow, Sharpie scribbles on my cheek and yogurt (or some other sticky food item) glommed onto my clothes. With my husband away for extended periods, I routinely traveled solo with the kiddos, coast to coast, to see family. Upon arrival at our…

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Incidents, Accidents, and Hilarity – Travels with a Toddler 

travels tips toddler

Like so many of our clients, the dance of managing diapers, dinners, dollars and keeping the house in some sort of organized manner, oftentimes feels impossible and unsustainable. Sometimes, we need to make radical changes to reconnect as a family and reassess our goals. This was the case in 2013, when the pressures of three…

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How to Be Imperfect: A Guide for Mothers

how to be an imperfect mother

In preparation for my daughter’s ballet recital a few weeks ago, I was pinning up the last strands of her hair into a bun when I noticed another mom dropping off her tutu-wearing 4 year old. “Be perfect,” I overheard the mother say to her daughter, as she scurried off with her ballet class. I…

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Easy Ways to Deeply Relax

how to deeply relax as mothers

A common theme that runs through many conversations with clients is the sheer busyness of life throughout the season of pregnancy, newborn stage, and into the far reaches of motherhood. Add to that work outside the home, managing the details of family, and minimal – if any – space to attend to one’s most basic…

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How am I Really Feeling? My Daily Weather Report

tracking your moods using the weather

Walking along the icy trail among towering, snow-covered cedars, I notice the drifting flakes and wonder at the stillness. I breath in the beauty of the weather and am reminded of the rhythmic nature of the seasons, with it’s variation in temperature, precipitation, stillness, and storms. I am struck by how this rings true for both…

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