Mobile Mama: Our Story

Motherhood requires support & simplicity

Since 2014, Mobile Mama has supported hundreds of women in Whatcom County and beyond, offering services and training cohorts of therapists and birth providers in the tender work of perinatal mental health.

While Mobile Mama’s staff and vision have grown, the goal has remained consistent: to support mothers through the transition of motherhood.

The Mobile Mama Birth Story

Once upon a time, in 2011, after working as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) for years, Michelle gave birth to her third child. In the days to follow, home health visitors including midwives, nurses, a lactation consultant, and even the cool gal selling the Ergos and wraps, came to Michelle’s house to care for her and the baby.

Michelle enjoyed her husband, mother, and friends at her side and yet, there was an integral support piece missing.

In the messy, clunky, unfamiliar terrain of motherhood, Michelle realized that even as a trained therapist, she needed the help of an expert who was skilled in perinatal mental health.

Better yet, in the complicated and exhausting time postpartum, she needed a therapist who would come to the house. With this epiphany, Mobile Mama was conceived.

The very next year, when her daughter turned one, Michelle and her husband decided to sell their house, load up their kids into the minivan, and travel around the country for the year camping, climbing, and connecting. On the journey, Michelle checked in with friends and family wondering if they too would have appreciated support and therapy around the time their babies were born. The answer was a universal YES!

In 2014, when Michelle and her family landed back in Bellingham, WA, she transformed her private therapy practice to create Mobile Mama Therapy with the mission to provide therapy for mamas from conception through motherhood (simple and powerful)!

Michelle Anderson Mobile Mama Founder
Michelle Anderson Mobile Mama
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