Meet our Mobile Mama Counselors

Our Mobile Mama Therapists specialize in Perinatal Mental Health with ongoing training in the many aspects of motherhood, including fertility concerns, adjustment periods and the transition to motherhood, attachment, traumatic birth, grief and loss, parenting and couples work. Our goal is to provide psychotherapy for women at each stage of motherhood.

Michelle Anderson MA, LMHC, PMH-C

Navigating the tender terrain of motherhood takes courage and vulnerability. Reaching out for support, does too. If you are experiencing a perinatal mood and/or anxiety disorder (PMAD), pregnancy/child loss, or if you are simply navigating the bumpy labyrinth of motherhood, you are in good company.

We are here to listen to, hear, and support you, to help you develop tools that will scaffold a more gentle transition in this time. Welcome, I am so pleased that you are here and reaching out.

Kate Cascella MSW, LICSW

I am an empathetic listener who understands the necessity of having a nonjudgmental space that gives women the opportunity to reflect, feel, and address their own needs. I meet women where they are in their journey and utilize an integrative approach based on each client’s individual goals. I combine Mindfulness techniques, Interpersonal Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to support a client to effectively navigate through this vulnerable time.

Christy Boex MA, LMHC

As humans we all have an intrinsic energy to seek healing, health, and wholeness. My desire is to walk alongside my clients as they navigate what health and wholeness means to them, as unique individuals. I include mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques, parts work (Internal Family Systems), and experiential activities to help mamas step into their motherhood with increased confidence, inner strength, and insight.

Gaby Mitrak MA, LMHC

Since becoming a mother myself, I realize on a deeper level the acute need for support during this time of raw transition and transformation. The old cliche of “it takes a village” is true, and I am honored to work alongside moms at every stage and be part of their village of support.

Merry Capozzolo MS, LMHCA

We are not meant to navigate the most vulnerable experiences of our lives alone. Each hopeful, expecting, new, and grieving mama deserves compassionate emotional support. With boundless hope and warmth, I work to help my clients feel heard, seen, and held wherever they are in each moment.