What DO I have control over?

Motherhood Control

As the days cool off and the sun sets earlier, we adjust bedtimes and re-imagine morning routines. This season of transition is complex enough as we adapt our rhythms to incorporate the new schedules of childcare, school, and work. Adjusting to the new routines may feel chaotic and in these times we wonder, “What do…

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Canceling anxiety and pesky thoughts

Canceling Anxiety & Pesky Thoughts

Two and a half decades ago, I learned how to “cancel anxiety ” and it has became an important strategy for my my mental health. It all started when I was a 21-year-old nanny of a 4-year-old girl who loved The Wizard of Oz.  We spent countless days playing and stretching our imaginations in the great…

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Creating Calm

Creating Calm

As you settle in, I invite you to do a quick check, consider what creating calm means and feels like as you take a breath. What is the quality of your breath? Is it deep or shallow, slow or quick? Are you inhaling and exhaling through your nose or your mouth? And what do you…

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This is temporary


Over the past week, our sessions have touched on a myriad of tender moments: the unknown terrain of labor, the exhausting new baby time, potty training, navigating toddler sleep, sudden loss of a dear one, work transitions, life transitions, grieving a pet, heart ache. All of these – often varied – human experiences still feel,…

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Social media: What’s right for me.

Social Media Motherhood

Many of us recognize that the food we eat affects our bodies in different ways. We may feel nourished, energized, overfull, depleted, etc. based on what we choose to eat, what our body needs, and how it is metabolized. For many of our clients (and ourselves), the same theory applies when it comes to intake…

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Out of my mind and onto the page

Motherhood and Creativity

Watching my daughter determinedly draw and write all over a page one afternoon, I asked her, “What are you doing, Ila”? Looking up distracted she responded, “I’m ‘mind-braining’ mama, I have a lot to get out.” “Oh, got it,” I responded with a tiny laugh.  In that moment, I realized how many times she must…

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The 8 to 8 Rule

8 to 8 Rule motherhood

Of all of the essential aspects of self-care, one theme stands out. It’s so important that a large portion of our time with clients is spent discussing and working through this one critical component. Can you guess what it is? The 8 to 8 Rule helps support this essential component. In the perinatal time period, sleep is in…

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Structure as Support

structure as support motherhood

What a funny thing – as I sit and write this blog post, I am resisting what I really want to write about because it feels a little uncomfortable. When I dig in, I realize I can’t run from it. Here is the truth – I thrive with structure. This does not seem like a…

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Build the muscles of intuition

intuition as mothers

My husband will often say in moments of unknown parenting situations,  “Is this your first child Michelle?” At least now we laugh. Twenty years ago, that wasn’t the case. When I was interviewing midwives, two months pregnant with my first child, we were young, living in a tiny cabin in an isolated mountain town in…

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Plan for Clunky

planning for clunky

Like so many women in my life, and so many of my clients, I approached my first pregnancy expecting a dreamy experience. I anticipated an easy pregnancy, an ideal birth, and a graceful transition to motherhood.  Before my first child was born, I didn’t really understand what sleep deprivation meant. I couldn’t imagine what constant breastfeeding…

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