Sticky Notes & Sound Bites for Mamas

We know this season of your life is full. When flossing feels like a luxury, coffee a necessity and self-care a mystery, there’s not much extra room for To-Do’s and work.

Motherhood requires simplicity. Ideas need to be as short as a sound bite and fit on a sticky note…drum roll please… With this in mind we are excited to share our Mobile Mama Blog: “Sticky Notes & Sound Bites” tools and strategies designed for you.

Trusting Your Intuition New Mother

Lessons from a Sea Turtle Hatchling and the Journey to Motherhood

Playing at sunset on an island off the south coast of Florida, as my daughter dove for the frisbee, her hand landed beside a tiny...
Self Regulating for Parents (1)

Simple Strategies for Life’s Stressful Situations

For years, I was that parent who disembarked the airplane, three kids in tow, Sharpie scribbles on my cheek and yogurt (or some other sticky...
Labyrinth Birth Map

Lessons From the Labyrinth: The Ancient Map for Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood

Just yesterday, I was reminded how long, arduous, and unpredictable the birth journey can be through a friend's experiences. Regardless of hearing the (sometimes complex)...
travels tips toddler

Incidents, Accidents, and Hilarity – Travels with a Toddler 

Like so many of our clients, the dance of managing diapers, dinners, dollars and keeping the house in some sort of organized manner, oftentimes feels...
how to be an imperfect mother

How to Be Imperfect: A Guide for Mothers

In preparation for my daughter’s ballet recital a few weeks ago, I was pinning up the last strands of her hair into a bun when...
how to deeply relax as mothers

Easy Ways to Deeply Relax

A common theme that runs through many conversations with clients is the sheer busyness of life throughout the season of pregnancy, newborn stage, and into...
tracking your moods using the weather

How am I Really Feeling? My Daily Weather Report

Walking along the icy trail among towering, snow-covered cedars, I notice the drifting flakes and wonder at the stillness. I breath in the beauty of...
Moon Mood Tracking for Optimal Health

Moon & Mood Tracking for Optimal Health

Tucked away in a tiny cabin in Prescott, AZ, I unfurled a three-foot-long 12-month moon calendar and carefully pinned the corners to the side of...
Birth Stories

Reconnecting through my Birth Stories

This week, my daughter turned ten, and my oldest son turned twenty. Talk about milestones! Both my family and my husband’s have instilled many threads...
good enough parenting

Making peace with “good enough” parenting

Driving shotgun on the highway with my 15 year old at the wheel is one of my least favorite parenting jobs. In fact, hands down,...