Sticky Notes & Sound Bites for Mamas

We know this season of your life is full. When flossing feels like a luxury, coffee a necessity and self-care a mystery, there’s not much extra room for To-Do’s and work.

Motherhood requires simplicity. Ideas need to be as short as a sound bite and fit on a sticky note…drum roll please… With this in mind we are excited to share our Mobile Mama Blog: “Sticky Notes & Sound Bites” tools and strategies designed for you.

structure as support motherhood

Structure as Support

What a funny thing - as I sit and write this blog post, I am resisting what I really want to write about because it...
intuition as mothers

Build the muscles of intuition

My husband will often say in moments of unknown parenting situations,  “Is this your first child Michelle?” At least now we laugh. Twenty years ago,...
planning for clunky

Plan for Clunky

Like so many women in my life, and so many of my clients, I approached my first pregnancy expecting a dreamy experience. I anticipated an easy...
Mom morning

Starting the Day Before it Starts You

I remember standing outside of my four year old’s preschool at about 8:30 am, with my six month old on my hip, feeling for the...