Sticky Notes & Sound Bites for Mamas

We know this season of your life is full. When flossing feels like a luxury, coffee a necessity and self-care a mystery, there’s not much extra room for To-Do’s and work.

Motherhood requires simplicity. Ideas need to be as short as a sound bite and fit on a sticky note…drum roll please… With this in mind we are excited to share our Mobile Mama Blog: “Sticky Notes & Sound Bites” tools and strategies designed for you.

Moon Mood Tracking for Optimal Health

Moon & Mood Tracking for Optimal Health

Tucked away in a tiny cabin in Prescott, AZ, I unfurled a three-foot-long 12-month moon calendar and carefully pinned the corners to the side of...
Birth Stories

Reconnecting through my Birth Stories

This week, my daughter turned ten, and my oldest son turned twenty. Talk about milestones! Both my family and my husband’s have instilled many threads...
good enough parenting

Making peace with “good enough” parenting

Driving shotgun on the highway with my 15 year old at the wheel is one of my least favorite parenting jobs. In fact, hands down,...
Motherhood Control

What DO I have control over?

As the days cool off and the sun sets earlier, we adjust bedtimes and re-imagine morning routines. This season of transition is complex enough as...
Canceling Anxiety & Pesky Thoughts

Canceling anxiety and pesky thoughts

Two and a half decades ago, I learned how to "cancel anxiety ” and it has became an important strategy for my my mental health....
Creating Calm

Creating Calm

As you settle in, I invite you to do a quick check, consider what creating calm means and feels like as you take a breath....

This is temporary

Over the past week, our sessions have touched on a myriad of tender moments: the unknown terrain of labor, the exhausting new baby time, potty...
Social Media Motherhood

Social media: What’s right for me.

Many of us recognize that the food we eat affects our bodies in different ways. We may feel nourished, energized, overfull, depleted, etc. based on...
Motherhood and Creativity

Out of my mind and onto the page

Watching my daughter determinedly draw and write all over a page one afternoon, I asked her, “What are you doing, Ila”? Looking up distracted she...
8 to 8 Rule motherhood

The 8 to 8 Rule

Of all of the essential aspects of self-care, one theme stands out. It’s so important that a large portion of our time with clients is...