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Navigating the tender terrain of motherhood

Motherhood requires simplicity. We have designed our counseling services, our books and our tools just for you.

Tools for Mamas

These tools were designed with and for you to support the normal but clunky experience of motherhood.


If you are a provider looking for resources and training in perinatal mental health, you have come to the right place.

THERAPY (online & in-person)

With a mission to support the “normal but clunky” transition to motherhood, we are here to listen, help, and guide you in developing the skills that will scaffold a more gentle transition during this time. We are so pleased that you are here and reaching out. You are not alone.

Motherhood takes courage and vulnerability. And so does reaching out for support. If you are experiencing a perinatal mood and/or anxiety disorder (PMAD), having fertility concerns, healing from a traumatic birth, experiencing grief or loss, OR if you are navigating the “clunky” but normal transition to motherhood, you are in good company.

baby in bed with knit cap on and yawning. tucked in with bear.

Simple Winter Strategies for Family Well-being

Motherhood is messy and overfull all by itself. Often, this season pulls families in many competing directions. It is easy to lose our balance as...
Mobile Mama Essential Self Care

The Mobile Mama Essential Self Care: Food, Water, Sleep, Exercise, and Support

There are so many times in our motherhood journeys when the world feels like it’s upside down, and our bodies and rhythms feel untethered. As...
Yiddish Words that Capture parenthood

The five perfect Yiddish words that capture pregnancy and parenting

Schlep, Schmutz, Shluf, Schmuck, and Kvell… As a young child, my world was infused with Yiddish - a blend of German and Hebrew that my...
Trusting Your Intuition New Mother

Lessons from a Sea Turtle Hatchling and the Journey to Motherhood

Playing at sunset on an island off the south coast of Florida, as my daughter dove for the frisbee, her hand landed beside a tiny...

Download your free Body Scan Guided Meditation

The Mobile Mama Body Scan Tool is a simple direct route home! You are invited to tune in to your environment, body & breath. In deepening your awareness, you attend to what is actually happening, as opposed to what happened 5 years ago, or what will happen 6 months in the future. For 3 minutes and 44 seconds your spirit, body, & breath will relearn how to settle into ease...

Body Scan Meditation Free
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